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Have We Made Our Lifes Harder Than It Should Have Been?

First off, the lack of posts can be attributed to….well school. What else.  Now, on to the unorganized thoughts for tonight.

 As you see above, I have posed a question.  By “harder” I really mean complex.  And with that complexity comes hardship.  What do I mean by all this? Well, it seems as though as much as we have progressed as human beings with respect to knowledge, technology and all of that good stuff, we intended to make our lives easier.  There are some disconnects in that statement but try not to think about it academically.  I guess what I mean to say is that we’ve created this system where we have to jump over rocks and hoops which we’ve put there just so we can get to the end.  I mean these obstacles are there for a reason and I can understand that to some extent but its like…do they REALLY have to be there? Take education for example.  This whole concept of a grading system…needing certain grades just so you can move on to a higher level of education.  It seems as though the whole grading system has taken a lot of the intrinsic value of education out.  People now don’t learn just for the sake of learning now.  And there are so many people out there that are far more smarter and more intelligent than their GPA would suggest.  This doesn’t go for education, it goes for other things as well.  I remember when we had to open up our own business, we had to go through literally three months of shear hell, dealing with various bureaucracies and things.  It just seems like we as a whole have complicated our lives.  Is this really the way life was intended to be lived?  There are so many stresses in life, a lot of them can be attributed to jumping over rocks and hoops that we ourselves have put there.  If life is so full of stress, what really is the point of it all if at the end of the day we’re all just going to die anyways?  Why make it harder than it has to be?  It just seems to be that a lot of the intrinsic value that life once had to offer has been taken away from the very people that live that life.  And its not like we can blame God for it because it is our own doing.  I can appreciate hard work and earning things but but at the same time, when everything starts to become a chore and a task, really what’s the point?  I find these rules and regulations that we have come to mold our lives around are not necessary for the most part and actually hinder ourselves from actually living life to the fullest and enjoying the intrinsic essence of what life should be.  I know it may sound a bit Existentialist and/or totally incoherant but its been bugging me for a while and I had to get it down.  That’s just the way things are I guess…I’ll refine this little thesis of mine one day when I am less busy jumping through hoops. 

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