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Is Bilawal The Right Choice?

Bilawal Bhutto 

Yes…possibly.  I say possibly because we barely know anything about him.  There are people that have said that he is too young and doesn’t know enough about the country and all of this.  My response to that is simply this:  Perhaps for the first time in the history of the PPP, there is the potential for a leader to emerge that is void of corrupt elements, is a fresh, new, young face that has the potential to unite the country the way his Mother had.  And this is one thing I have to concede, Benazir is perhaps the only actor in Pakistan that has united all four provinces.  Bilawal has the same potential.  He brings to the table a slate that is clean.  My only fear is that Zardari (seen to the left of Bilawal in the above photo) will take him astray and corrupt elements will follow.  If that is the case, he will have been no better than anyone else.  But the thing here is this, it is perfectly ok that he lacks experience and that he is of a young age because the fact of the matter is, the traditional politician has never really succeeded in Pakistan.  Bilawal brings something different to the table, as did his mother.  When Benazir was trust into the political theatre she was 26 I believe.  She did not have any experience either and today the PPP is the largest political party in Pakistan.  Bilawal has a great foundation that has been set by his mother.  He needs to take advantage of that, be principled, be his own man but at the same time listen to key people in the party and take on as many mentors as possible.  I believe Sherry Rehman has the potential to emerge out of this and become a good minister when Bilawal one day becomes the leader of Pakistan.  Zardari himself admitted that he is a divisive figure in Pakistan and it appears that the PPP didn’t really have an alternative other than Zardari so I think the PPP has taken a positive step in naming Bilawal co-chair of the party.  Time will tell how well all of this plays out.

*fingers crossed*

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