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Guns and Oakenfold – The Coolest Movie Scene

This is probably one of the coolest scenes I have ever seen from a movie in a very long time. Its from Collateral with Jamie Fox and Tome Cruise.  Its the scene where they’re in Club Fever (I think).  The song in the background by Oakenfold just tops it.  Have a look:

  1. August 28, 2008 at 7:02 pm

    Immediately identifiable as Michael Mann. I just recently re-watched HEAT; with such a great scene of the bank robbery that went wrong with the crew fighting their way down the high street, calm and determined.

    Some thoughts on the scene:

    1. They must have been very well angled shots not to make Cruise appear short (I understand he is a little), or got hundreds of slightly shorter dance-extras. I heard about a shorter actor who played with an elegant leading lady and in waist-high shot of them walking the crew had to dig an eight inch channel parrallel to the path of the star for her to walk along so they’d appear equal height. I must research this to give you a name.
    2. Great that they let the Oakenfold track play on … the DJ in a world of their own, figured it’d all blow over, or the first out the door forgetting his vinyls? Could be whole other film.

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