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I Am Happy!

Well…almost happy.  The last semester or two have been tough in the sense that because I have fulfilled my requirements for all my core classes, I have been forced to take option classes.  And I hate options.  I never get into them.  And my less than enthusiastic energy for them always forced me to register for classes really late.  So I always exacerbated this by getting into classes that were of no interest to me, simply because I was late registering…getting into whatever I could get into.  And this semester was no different.  But I think I lucked out.  I got into these two intro soci classes that are actually interesting.  I’ve found myself actually wanting to go to class.  In fact, a few days ago, when a blizzard hit our city, the temp. went down to -50C with the wind chill; I still actually wanted to go to class.  But my parents pretty much stopped me.  The point is, this lack of energy and enthusiasm that I had been suffering from for the last few semesters, I think is back.  I actually feel refreshed and actually want to go to school FOR my classes.  Its actually a pretty good feeling.  I feel refreshed for a few other reasons too, which I may or may not get into in the future sometime.  In the mean time, I think I will use these two soci classes to make the most out of my semester.  I am kind of tired right now, but I really wanted to make this post.  I will elaborate on this a bit later.