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In Light of Bernier’s Resignation – Does Harper Love Canada?

In light of the resignation of the Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier, I can’t help but begin to question whether or not the leader of my country actually loves his country.  Given all the stuff that has happened since Harper has come into power, questions about his loyalty are hard to ignore. 

I don’t usually call into questions the loyalty and allegiance of Conservatives in Canada.  In fact I think it is totally unfair to even bring something like that up.  But the way Harper acts and the way he thinks, I can’t help but question whether this Prime Minister really has the best interests of Canada in mind or whether he wants to take Canada to a path that falls along more with the ideologies (albeit failed ideologies) of the Neo Cons to the south. 

One of the Liberal Leadership Candidates, Gerard Kennedy, came to the University last year.  There, when he was speaking to us, narrated a story about how an elderly woman called his office one day and began to speak to him.  She told Kennedy that ever since she was voting, she had been voting Conservative.  During the bi-elections last year, she told Kennedy that she had voted Liberal for the first time in her life.  Kennedy asked her why that was.  The elderly woman replied in a tone of concern that she doesn’t think that Harper loves Canada.

I’ve always kept that story in the back of my mind.  And I think slowly its starting to precipitate.  The way Harper governs, the policies, especially those in the realm of foreign affairs, and his very American-like ideology, the way he dismisses important issues with the wave of a hand, its all very hard to convince myself that Harper has the best interests of Canada at hand. 

Julie Couillard When it was revealed that Bernier’s girlfriend, ex-girlfriend now, had ties to the Hells Angels, Bob Ray stood in the House of Commons and asked a very simple question:  Are there any security concerns that the country should be worried about vis a vis Bernier and his relationship with Couillard?  The Conservatives then dismissed it as an absurd and inappropriate question.  Now it turns out that Bob Ray’s concerns are totally appropriate given the potential breach of national security.  Stephen Harper admitted himself just a few hours ago that this mistake and thus had no choice but to accept the resignation of Bernier. 

It is going to be interesting to see how this all plays out in the coming days and in the coming weeks.  But it will also be interesting to see if my feelings regarding the loyalty of Stephen Harder will be founded.  I truly hope I am wrong. 

  1. John P
    May 27, 2008 at 3:57 pm

    I am not a Harper fan but the problem with the left is their baseless attacks & rhetoric like asking if Harper loves Canada. We may disagree on what is good for Canada but I don’t think you can all Harper’s love of the country into account.

    The Liberals are clawing and scratching and throwing mud at the Conservatives in the hopes that something sticks. Now they are attacking like mad on the Bernier scandal. Bernier showed a startling lack of judgement. It is obvious what he saw in Julie Couillard and I don’t fault the man for wanting a little somin, somin. However she confessed to him that she was married to a drug dealer Hell’s Angels biker. Right there he should have stepped back. If you want to keep her on the side, fine but don’t bring her to official functions. His showed the worst possible judgement when he brought classified documents to her apt and then forget them.

    Now all this said, Bernie has resigned from the Cabinet so the Liberals are left with little to attack. Harper can’t be responsible for Bernier’s action only for appointing him.

    Now this leaves Huey, Dewey and Luey. Dion, Rae and Ignatieff. First off Dion from what I hear is a nice guy, an ex-Chretien appointee so he brings the Chretien baggage to the table. Also there is that famous line from the Liberal leadership debates “that is not fair, do you think it is easy making priorities?” Dion would be better suited to civil service posting. He is not a leader. Next is Bob Rae, former Premier of Ontario. Rae brought Ontario into an economic depression. He is the worst Premier Ontario has seen in a 100 years. He has no judgement & no economic sense. He presided over the worst economic period in Ontario in 50 years. His first budget tripled the deficit and did nothing to stimulate the economy. The last moron Luey or Ignatief has spent the last 30 years before 2005 outside Canada in the Ivory Tower of Academia. His arrogance made him believe he could waltz into Canada and become P.M. He is a carpet bagger, a neocon and he has defended the use of torture. As far as I am concerned he can leave Canada for another 30 years.

    The Liberals are in a rudderless ship. Their only hope is that Harper blunders so badly that Canadians will vote for anyone but the Conservatives. Gerard Kennedy isn’t a viable choice either. He spent two decades running a food bank, very noble of him but it hardly qualifies him to be PM. Also he is slightly left of Trotsky. One idealist socialist was enough in my lifetime.

    My rant may lead you to believe I love Harper and the Conservatives. I don’t. Unfortunately right now they are the best of a bad bunch.

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