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Still LSATing

June 27, 2008 1 comment

So as some of you guys know, there was an LSAT exam that I was busy studying for for just about a month or so prior to it (June 16).  That date came and went.  I ended up paying 30 dollars and pushing my exam date up to the first week of October.  I was totally not ready.  Since then, I haven’t touched any practice exams or anything that has to do with the LSAT.  I’ve decided to take a break from it for a while.  I will probably begin studying again some time in July.  If I begin my studying sometime during the first week of July, I would have pretty much exactly three months to prep for it.  So that’s pretty much the plan for the time being. 

Other than that, this coming school year, I will be busy trying to boost my GPA to a level that law schools look at my application, laugh hysterically, pass it around the office so others laugh at it hard, if not harder and then throw it in the garbage.  Ive decided that instead of rushing to finish school, I am going to take my time and make sure I do everything properly.  Ive been getting a few second chances as of late and I really need to take advantage of these little opportunities I am getting.  After all, these days will never come back ever again.  So I might as well make the most of it.

This is going to be a longer and harder road than I had originally planned.  I guess I am still a naive BA student.


CNN Sucks


When I was a child, I always remember CNN as being the place to go to for breaking news around the world.  It was different than the rest of the news networks because, first, they were a 24 hour news network and because of that, second, helped the viewer feel like they were intimately connected to the world at large.  But the last few years have seen the steady decline of CNN and its quality of coverage and programming.

During the ladder half of the 90s, and arguably even before that during the first Gulf War, CNN was always labeled as being a channel for US propaganda.  But there was never any real evidence to suggest that.  This all essentially changed with the Gulf II.  With the run up to the war, it was pretty much clear that CNN was all gung-ho about bombing a sovereign nation state and killing innocent people.  This was clear night after night with their coverage up to the lead up to war.  Wolf Blitzer was a clear example of CNN being a cheer leader for the war.  There were so many instances where a guest would appear on his show who was against the war and Blitzer would literally begin to argue with the guest with Blitzer obviously pushing the Bush line for war.

Ever since the war I have also noticed that CNN has begun to dumb itself down.  Maybe it’s just me but its almost as if CNN has decided that for more ratings, they must appeal to the lowest common denominator.  There is no longer any in depth, analytical coverage of major events both in the United States and around the world.  Jeff Greenfield and others did a decent job back in the day, though not perfect, along with other journalists such as Bernard Shaw worked for a sophisticated audience and actually asked tough questions (for the most part).  Now CNN has Anderson Cooper who’s “keepin’ them honest.” Aaron Brown as you recall was the unique and sophisticated journalist who got fired by CNN for yielding low ratings.  From what I understand, Brown still had higher ratings than Cooper has ever had.  I would argue that the last ounce of sophistication CNN could lay claim to left with the firing or Aaron Brown.

Nowadays, when I watch CNN (If I watch CNN), its more of a charade than anything else.  Its so unbelievably animated that sometimes its embarrassing to watch.  Production of CNN and its programming have focused more on visuals than actual production value and content.  They have lost their way.  The journalists that they got on air right now are horrid.  Rick Sanchez gets so involved in the littlest issues, raising his voice, exaggerating his hand gestures and acting like a plain tool in front of the camera, all in the effort to “help the viewer understand.”  The viewer isn’t 4 years old.  Tony Harris does the news and looks at the camera as if he doesn’t really know where he is, trying to act sophisticated but utterly failing.  Anderson Cooper doesn’t offer much to his program either.  If you have no education and need information to be spoon fed for you, watch Cooper.  You’ll be a fan of his.  Larry King used to be a good interviewer back in the day.  Now he’s gone from inteviewing people who matter, such as world leaders and key actors in international affairs, to having a bunch of rejected idols on for the entire hour.

The CNN sets and graphics add to why I think the channel is so animated.  They try and offer all these visual aids to try and appeal to the viewer but in the end are nothing but distracting.  The best example of this is that stupid wall that they got going right now.  Essentially, its this really large curved screen that spans the literally the entire set of CNN.  On it they have the ability to display multiple clips and graphics and the sort.  The only problem with this thing is is that it barely fits into the field of the camera.  On top of that, the graphics and whatever is displayed on it ends up being so tiny that its pretty much useless to show it on TV in the first place.  The curve that is inherent on the screen is also very distracting.  Distracting is probably the biggest problem with this thing.  For example, last night as I was watching the Obama speech after he fulfilled the delegate requirements, CNN in the middle of his speech switches away from the actual speech and goes to a camera which is filming this giant screen wall where they have the speech on one side, and a bunch of useless clips of him throughout the year at debates and whatnot on the other.  It was completely useless, un-necessary and took away attention from the speech.  The worst part of this screen is that they film it at an angle rather than from the front.  This is probably because they could not resolve certain problems like shadows, bad lighting or just the shear size of the damn thing.  Another stupid gimmick they got going is that stupid touch screen plasma TV they got where they “analyze” key counties and districts for the US election.  Its useless and serves no real purpose, only to further distract the viewer with un-necessary facades of being tech savvy. 

Overall, we are seeing the steady decline of CNN.  A channel that was once considered revolutionary has sunk to such a low that it essentially has no credibility left whatsoever.  Before, it was simple, serious and yet extensive. Now it has become large, elaborate and useless.  No wonder CNN is always the butt of so many jokes.  CNN has turned journalism and news into another form of entertainment, focusing more on superficial things than their quality of programming and content.  We’ll see what crapolla CNN has to offer in the coming years.