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Life in Suburbia

I believe it is in Urban design or Urban Planning where you study a theory that essentially asserts that the whole concept of Suburbia is inherently flawed in that a suburb is designed in such a way that it is not sustainable and thus self destructive.  The theory goes on further to assert that it is quite possible that the suburb and its entire lifestyle is perhaps the greatest misallocation of resources in human history.  This is because the suburbia is dependent on non-renewable energy.  In new developments, one has to drive to the corner store, to a shopping centre, to work and so forth.  Is not possible to simply walk or take the bus to these places because the design and layout of these living areas is as such that one needs a vehicle to get around.  Thus when non renewable energy runs out, it will be the end of suburbia as we know it. 

I am currently coming to this realisation as we speak.  I knew of these theory and the ideas and logic behind it for some time now.  But I never experienced or lived these ideas up until now.  How did this all happen? I simply did not maintain my car.  Apparently there was a knock in my engine which meant something inside my engine is broken.  Now I have to spent close to $2000 to fix this problem.  And as it stands at this moment in time, I am trapped in my house and have nowhere or no means to travel anywhere. 

The area where I live in is still being developed.  As I type this right now, there are cement trucks and earth movers roaring away right behind my house.  They are busy digging large holes for basements, paving streets and so on.  Because of all this development, we don’t really have any buses coming out this way.  There is a bus that comes every now and then but its schedule is so messed up that its better to consider it as not having a bus come by.  And within the community itself, there is not one store or plaza where I can go to grab a slurpee or a snack.  There is a shopping centre close to the house actually.  In fact, I can see it from my kitchen window.  It has literally has everything you could ever want…a Rona, Shoppers Drug Mart, KFC, Starbucks…some furniture store, etc.  But as it currently stands, its not easily accessable.  If I wanted to go to grab a coffee for example, It takes a good half hour walk to the Starbucks that I can see from my kitchen window.  This is because there is only one road in and out of the community.  So I have to walk around the entire community.  Not only that, I then have to cross a major artery that is frequented by bulldozers and large dump trucks filled with earth just to get my coffee.  THEN I have to walk all the way back.  So it takes me literally, one hour just to get my chai latte back to my house.  And by the time I get back home, into my comfortable sofa, the chai is cold. 

So if it takes me that long just to get a warm beverage, one can imagine that I am literally paralized in this suburban wasteland.  In order to live in these areas, one absolutely needs a car.  And not just any old car, you literally need a car that will not ever…EVER break down on you.  Because if you have a car that fails you, consider yourself to be a dead man because you’ll never get out of your house. 

As of right now, I literally don’t know how I will get to school tomorrow.  And if I do get to school, I don’t know how I am going to get back. 

Thus is my current life in Suburbia.

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