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Start Wearing Purple!

So I got lost yesterday in the Youtubes of the Internets and I happened to stumble upon the Urban Prankser/Improve Everywhere website.  These are the guys that do live public art all over the world.  Anyways, one of the guys from Improve Everywhere was approached by Yahoo to do an ad for their ‘Start Wearing Purple’ website.  The jist of this add is that a women (an actor or agent as IE terms them) gets on an elevator and begins singing “start wearing purple” by Gogol Bordello.  Meanwhile there’s another agent in the elevator that tries to stir a light reaction from the other two strangers in the elevator.  She sing is kinda aloud to herself until they hit the next floor where another agent gets on seeing that the first agent is singing the song.  Before you know it both the agents begin singing.  By the time the third floor comes there’s a young guy (agent) who’s listening to the song on his IPod very loudly.  All of a sudden all three of these agents begin singing the song and dancing.  The forth floor surprises the strangers in the elevator when a guitarist and a drummer add to the festivities on this weird elevator ride.  As soon the 5th floor (what I am assuming to be the main floor of the building) arrives, all the agents stop abruptly and get off the elevator.  The strangers (and the actor agent stirring them up) are literally floored as they don’t know what just happened.  As they get off the elevator, four other agents get on to the elevator wearing nothing but purple. 

Watch the video below and you’ll get a better sense of the ad.  Its actually a very creative and brilliant idea on the part of IE.  Not only is the song catchy and sticks to your brain like glue, but the fact that they did it live with hidden cameras to total strangers made it all the better.  They ended up doing the same bit 15 other times to various people who were fortunate enough to step into that elevator that day.  You can find the rest of the videos and behind the scenes stuff at www.startwearingpurple.com

This sorta stuff only happens in New York City.

(P.S For all you Y! purists out there, here is the original link to the vid, playing in a yahoo video player which I don’t know how to embed into my blog: Yahooooo!

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