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Don’t Bug Me, I’m Cranky

I am totally cranky at the moment right now.  Last night I got home really late.  After finishing an assignment I had found out about a few hours before, I ended up going to Tim Horton’s with a few friends of mine.  I got home at around 1.00am and didn’t get to bed til around 2.  I was then awaken at 5.30 for Sehri (those that are fasting in the month of Ramadan know what that is).  I then fell asleep again an hour later.  But this time it was more of a restless sleep.  I finally forced my tired old self up at around 11ish today and barely got to my 12.30 class.  I got there at 12.37 to be exact and ended up sitting next to this really annoying guy who kept exhaling really loud, making funny noises and talking to himself.  I figured after class I would go to the library and take a small nap like I normally do to rejuvenate myself.  The only problem is that just at the moment where I was about to fall asleep, I hear this loud horn go off…HONK.  Its some stupid construction worker right outside the library honking his loud truck horn every like 10 minutes.  On top of that, these ditsy first years came and sat down across the cubicle from mine and wouldn’t stop whispering to each other or digging through their purses and exchanging lip gloss. 

I have class in a bit.  I am hungry because I am fasting.  I am sleepy but cannot sleep.  On top of that I have a whole pile of studying to do and so little time to do it in.  My last class ends at 8 and it might possibly go beyond that.  I am scheduled to eat at sunset which is approx. at 7.35 if I am not wrong.  Everything in the food court ends up closing at 8.  And by the time I am out of class, I am sure the MSA will be out of food that they give out to all that fast.  This is going to be a long day… 

Just keep reminding myself…patience is a virtue.

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