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The First Few Days of Fall

Well its that time of year again.  The leaves are beginning to change colour and fall off their branches.  The temperature is starting to crawl down to the single digits and the sky is frequently overcast with clouds.  Its autumn.  And this is perhaps one of the most ambiguous periods in the fall semester. 

Its ambigious for one reason really…midterms.  Midterms usually begin sometime between the first week of October to the third week in October in some cases.  Theoretically as students, we should always be studying for our classes and reading our textbooks…theoretically.  In reality however, its much more complicated than that.  Its one of those times were it still kind of feels like that school has just begun (even though its the third week of classes already).  So its kind of early to study for midterms.  And if you have a paper that is due, its normally not due until late November or early December.  So what is a student to do?

My suggestion is to hang out with friends.  Right now is prime time to conduct as much socializing as possible.  Why?  Because every ones schedule is so light.  People can afford to waste time and procrastinate, even miss a class here and there.  As long as you keep up with your readings and stuff (which in reality is not all that hard) socialize away! Do it now because once midterms hit, everyone is going to be a stranger and nobody is going to have time to hang out and chill…unless they have a sever case of procrastination.  If that is the case well then…I have no advice for you.

So waste as much time as you can now because you can comfortably afford to do so.  Go out with friends, stay out late and be merry because as soon as midterms hit, surely you are going to regret not getting it out of your system.

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