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One Crazy Month

So this past September has been one crazy time.  I got a speeding ticket my first week of school.  Then a week later, my car broke down during rush hour.  Then I had no car for like a week and so I missed like a week of school because the area I live in doesn’t have transit yet.  THEN we had to rent a car for a week.  And during that time my dad and I went to countless dealerships to test drive new cars.  And then I got ANOTHER traffic ticket (apparently I didn’t stop at a stop sign while I was in a parking lot).  Not only that, I had to spend a night in the hospital (the details of which I will not indulge in).  A few days after that we ended up buying a brand new car.  AND NOW I sit here in my bed sick with the flu.  My nose runs like a faucet and currenly am running a fever. 

So yea, its been pretty hectic.  I am hoping I can get off of this cold as soon as possible.  I got midterms coming up as well as a project that I have to start working on real soon.  I think I am going to muster up some energy, drink some chai, take a shower and head over to school and plan out the next week or so.  I am can still get away with studying in segments and still be ready in time for my exams.  I just hope my eye sockets stop hurting by the time I leave for uni. 

Signs that winter is soon on its way: Current temperature 6 degrees Celsius.  Overnight low expected to be -3 degrees Celsius.

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