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Blame The People For Electing a Douchebag



So the Canadian federal election this past week was no real surprise for the most part.  The Conservatives held a minority government and the Liberals lost seats.  On the other hand, the NDP gained a few seats and the Greens gained a significant part of the popular vote.  In fact incumbent Rahim Jaffer actually lost his seat to an ND by a mere 400 votes or so.  But there was one thing that didn’t surprise me one bit.  And that was the election of Rob Anders, Conservative MP from the riding of Calgary West.

If you don’t know who this guy is, perhaps its better that you not know.  But for the sake of educational purposes, I’ll give you a brief synopsis of what this guy is all about. 

He is essentially a ultra right conservative MP.  His views are so right wing and in reality so messed up that even the Prime Minister himself keeps a muzzle on this guy.  And rightly so.  He embarrassed not only himself but the entire country by blocking a motion to declare Nelson Mandella a honorary Canadian Citizen, claiming that he was a terrorist and alluding in a TV interview that South Africa would have been better off under apartheid.  He is a bigot and racist.  Among other things, he believes that humanitarian work should work on changing the languages of foreigners to English and get them to change their religion to Christianity.  He also believes that the children of immigrants that are born in Canada should not automatically receive Canadian citizenship.  This is just SOME of the douchebaggery that has come out of this guy’s mouth.

So my question is this:  Given that Anders is a known bigot who needs to be reigned in by the Prime Minister himself, do the people who elect him share the same views as him?  I know that we live in a democracy and critiquing the choice of the people isn’t something that many people do.  Even Jennifer Pollack, the Liberal candidate running against Anders in the riding, said that the people voted for the party.

I whole heartedly believe the leaders and those elected under the leader are a direct reflection of general tone of the people.  Those people are the ones that reflect the greater picture to the rest of the world as far is image is concerned in the international community. 

Andres is the type of guy that has shown that he is willing to circumvent the rules of his own party, at the expense of disenfranchising those in his own riding to win a nomination.  He knows that if he doesn’t do that, he’s not going to win the nomination and therefore, not get elected. 

And yet, despite all of that, people in his riding still elect him with an overwhelming majority.  The way I look at it is, the residence in Calgary West are either so amazingly loyal to the party that they would be willing to elect an inanimate object if it ran under the banner of the Conservative Party of Canada, or they are bigoted and therefore stupid.  I choose to adhere to the ladder. 

Anders is one of the many reasons that democracy is a flawed system.  Because it allows stupid people to legitimize their stupidity under the opuses of democracy.  Stupid people, then make stupid decisions that reflect stupidly on the rest of the country.  What makes the people in Calgary West even more stupid is that despite the entire country (literally) denouncing Anders as a man of great stupidity, they still flock in numbers to elect a stupid man.

Moreover, they essentially have legitimized his stupidity and have said, through their ballot, that they essentially agree with his stupidity.  By virtue of that, the people of Calgary West are stupid.  Even those that did not vote in this election, in that particular riding are stupid.  Those that don’t agree with Anders at all but chose not to vote are also to blame for electing such a stupid man because they couldn’t get over their stupid excuse of apathy could have chosen to set aside their grievances for just five minutes, walked over to their nearest polling station and mark an X beside ANYONE’s name but Anders.  But instead they chose to sit on their sofa and watch some stupid program on tv.  After all, those that abstained from voting greatly outnumber those that actually voted.  Those that would have otherwise stayed at home on election day could have come out to vote, and combined with those that voted for candidates aside from Anders could have easily…EASILY told him that he is no longer welcome to spread his stupidity around Canada and around the world. 

So it is the people of Calgary West that really are to blame for this blunder that keeps occurring every election.  In all honesty, its not all that hard to oust someone like Anders.  He has been getting a free ride in that riding for way too long.  After all, Even Rahim Jaffer lost his seat to an NDP candidate.  So the argument that “my vote doesn’t count” is nullified.  Your vote will only count if you get up off your couch and actually caste a ballot.  Otherwise, your vote that you didn’t case that you think won’t make a difference, actually makes a difference.

So really…its the stupid people, stupid.

  1. ninemoonjupe
    November 11, 2008 at 4:49 pm

    Ahh I used to live in that riding, and after reading this, I now understand why Calgarians are seen here as idiotic, red-neck, jackasses. There have been a few douchebags elected from Calgary, but this one definitely takes the Dubya Prize for Morons. Eesh!
    Maybe it is time to get the younger voters in that riding to set up a blog group and find someone with half a brain to run against that fool.

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