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The Last Week of Classes

frustratedWell, it is upon us my friends.  It’s the last week of school.  And it is intense on campus.  People are running around all over the place with the look of utter fear on their faces.  It’s as if all of us are staring death right in the face.  There is nowhere to study on campus.  The library is literally flooded with people.  Every floor of every tower, every classroom, and every cubicle is occupied with crammers.

First exams begin on Saturday and I am one of those unfortunate souls that will be sacrificed early on that morning.  I don’t even know where to begin studying.  The prof threw so much information at us this semester that it literally seems impossible.  I just hope whatever studying that I manage to pull of over the next three days will actually be worth something.  I can’t afford to get a B in the class. I desperately need at least an A-.

I finally finished my last remaining paper last night.  It was such a good feeling handing it in and knowing that I will not have to do any of these things again for another couple of months.  I used to love doing papers during the first year or two of University but now I am just literally sick of them.  I hate researching my topics, I hate trying to figure out how to structure my essay, what to put in, what to leave out…all that sorta stuff.  I hate editing my work after I am done.  The worst part about papers, the one thing that literally irritates me are footnotes and citations.  They are such a pain it’s not even funny.  Footnoting and citing literally takes me an hour at the very least.  But like I said before, thank God I won’t have to do any of that for a while.

My condition right now is horrid.  I am so stressed for this up coming exam.  I have no eating schedule, no sleeping schedule no going home schedule…nothing.  I am in desperate need of a haircut and my nails are so long that it’s actually embarrassing.  I don’t think I’ll have time to shave until a few days before Christmas when exams are finally over.  I have bags under my eyes because I can’t sleep properly.  And dressing decent is out of the question.  I am walking around school literally looking like some guy that just got off work from a construction site.  I am trying to find every excuse in the world not to study.  I am constantly hungry and constantly irritated.  If I had swear jar, it would be filled to the top right now.  It’s getting so bad that coffee and tea have no effect on my whatsoever.  Caffeine highs are no longer doing it…I need something harder than caffeine.  I think it’s time to move up to energy drinks.

For those of you who will be joining me in these crutial last weeks of the semester, I wish you the best of luck.  Godspeed.

  1. Lesly Garcia
    May 24, 2010 at 7:38 pm

    Yeah…I totally agree with you, exam and finals are killing me! As a students school work is very stressful…

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