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A Song of Hope for the Palestinians in Gaza

We Will Not Go Down (Song For Gaza) – Michael Heart


Six Word Story

Out of shear luck, I came across a unique page  on the McGill University website.  Its called One Life Six Words.

The jist of it is this:  Hemingway once wrote, “For sale. Baby shoes.  Never worn.”  He claimed that it was a six word story.  How it is widely accepted as a literary form.  McGill has taken this literary form and has allowed its students and faculty as well as anyone else to write a six word story and submit it for all to see.

So for example, someone wrote, “Everything my father said was true.”  Someone else wrote, “When bombs fell, I found myself.”

To me, this is such an amazing concept.  I discovered this a few nights ago and I wished I had found out about this long before.  I just find it amazing that one is able to tell a tale in only six words.  Some of the stories on the site are so profound, its amazing how a few words can have such great impact.

I thought about it, and I think I am going to employ this literary form on my blog from time to time.  Lets see how far I can take this.

Here is the link to the McGill website I was talking about.

The Discourses Explained

So given that I am a Political Science student, many of you must be wondering why I do not write on the current Gaza conflict for example, or politics in general or even political philosophy.  Here are some insights.

Political Science, as you all may know is literally the passion of my life.  When I wake up, when I live my life, when I am alone, when I am with people, I think in terms of Political Science.  I live it, I breath it.  There are times when I am not able to shut off my brain.  Its to the extent that it affects my sleep in the sense that I can’t sleep because I end up thinking.  I can’t shut off my brain.  So it takes a lot out of me.

Given all of that, this blog isn’t here to express my my political opinion, although I do that every now and then.  The main purpose of this blog is to simply record my university and student experience.  Moreover, it’s here to record what goes inside my mind aside from the stuff going on outside of school.  Most importantly, its a place where I can escape from my academic thoughts and talk about stuff that isn’t so heavy.

In short, this blog helps me keep my sanity.  It helps me stay afloat and prevents me from drowning in my own thoughts.  Plus, Ive discovered other avenues where I am able to exchange my ideas with respect to politics, history, philosophy and all that.

Boxing Day/Week a Student’s Dream

January 15, 2009 2 comments

Boxing DayEveryone knows how low on cash students are.  Most students rely on student loans and/or a part time job to help them get through their university careers.  The way the economy is going right now, students are ever more in need to stretch their dollars as far as they will possibly good.

Lo, Boxing Day.

Boxing Day in Canada is marked on December 26, the day after Christmas.  The equivalent of Black Friday in the United States, Boxing Day is most probably one of, if not the best time of the year to shop.  Especially if one wants to buy large electronics such as televisions, computers, notebooks, etc.  It is the day where stores drastically mark down their prices from what they were a few days prior.  It is main tool stores use to get rid of their old inventory to make room for new things.  People literally start lining up at stores at 12am and stand there until the stores open early in the mornings.

I recall once about 5 or so years ago.  I desperately needed a notebook for school.  I happened to pick up a Future Shop flyer that was sitting on the table on late Christmas Evening.  They had a laptop on sale for $999.  I literally made my decision to buy the laptop right there and then.  An hour or two later, I got myself dressed (wearing layers) and went to the Future Shop Across town and stood in line in -25C weather for 8 hours.  And yes, I did get the Laptop.  It lasted me 4 years before I finally had to purchase a new one.

Boxing Day is the perfect opportunity for a student to capitalise on savings and stock up on such things as a new laptop, ipods/mp3 players, backpacks, clothes and more.  Whereas before Boxing Day would last only one day of the year, Boxing Week is the new trend where the savings are extended over into the new year.  In fact, there are still boxing week blowouts in the malls I have recently visited.  This is prime time for students to venture out and grab what they need at a decent price.

salesMy Boxing Day/Week experience has been positive for the most part.  Just as an example, on the very last day of exams the strap on my school bag snapped (in front of everyone in the Student Centre) and because they don’t sell individual bag straps, my school bag was rendered useless.  So I went to Bentley’s and picked up a messenger/laptop bag at an amazing price.  The original price of the bag was $100 dollars.  When I brought it to the til, I ended up paying $44 dollars including tax.

Old Navy is another place where I scored big.  I picked up this zip up sweater that could have easily been in the $60-70 dollar range.  I payed $11.99 for it.  I also bought a few pairs of jeans from there for $30 dollars each as well as a pull over fleece top for a whopping $9.99!  I didn’t want to blow too much money at Old Navy but they had some amazing deals there.  They were selling t-shirts for $10 dollars, heavy wool winter overcoats for $60 dollars, sweaters for anywhere between $12-20 dollars, hoodies for $15 dollars…etc.  Some prices were marked down to 70% off.

The Bay is another place I scored some wicked deals at.  I bought two spring jackets, one of which was a Tommy Hilfiger Jacket for half price, paying only $70 dollars for both.  I got Tommy dress shirt for $30 dollars, and two Mantles dress shirts for $10 dollars each.

I happened to drop by the Sears Outlet store where I got 40% off sweaters.  The Tip Top Outlet store provided me with a dress scarf for 40% off as well.

Perhaps the best deal however, was the one I scored at H&M.  I got an H&M wool dress overcoat that was originally $150 dollars and payed a mere $70 dollars for it.  The most amazing thing was that when I went to go pay for the other things I had bought, the lady in front of me had already picked up the coat.  But when she went to go pay for it, she (for some weird reason) didn’t want it.  So I went up the cashier and asked what size it was.  Lo and behold it was my size.  I bought it right there on the spot.  My friends have similar jackets that they bought and they’ve paid no less than $175.

If you are a student with not a lot of money, Boxing Day/Week is the best time of year to do your shopping.  You are going to get quality stuff for great deals.  You may spend a bit more in the short term but the things you buy will pay themselves off later on not only with the savings but with the quality of the stuff you buy.