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The Discourses Explained

So given that I am a Political Science student, many of you must be wondering why I do not write on the current Gaza conflict for example, or politics in general or even political philosophy.  Here are some insights.

Political Science, as you all may know is literally the passion of my life.  When I wake up, when I live my life, when I am alone, when I am with people, I think in terms of Political Science.  I live it, I breath it.  There are times when I am not able to shut off my brain.  Its to the extent that it affects my sleep in the sense that I can’t sleep because I end up thinking.  I can’t shut off my brain.  So it takes a lot out of me.

Given all of that, this blog isn’t here to express my my political opinion, although I do that every now and then.  The main purpose of this blog is to simply record my university and student experience.  Moreover, it’s here to record what goes inside my mind aside from the stuff going on outside of school.  Most importantly, its a place where I can escape from my academic thoughts and talk about stuff that isn’t so heavy.

In short, this blog helps me keep my sanity.  It helps me stay afloat and prevents me from drowning in my own thoughts.  Plus, Ive discovered other avenues where I am able to exchange my ideas with respect to politics, history, philosophy and all that.

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