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February 24, 2009 2 comments

…sitting alone in a workroom in the library studying for a midterm tomorrow that I haven’t studied for until tonight.  Why oh why do I always do this to myself?  I will probably end up staying here until 3 at the very least.

It’s only Monday and I have already assured the destruction of the rest of this week.  Tired, groggy, upset sleeping pattern…I can just see myself being totally unproductive for at least 7 days.  Perfect recipe for the doing of nothingness.

Wish me luck!


The Past Coming Back in My Dreams

February 17, 2009 Leave a comment

Earlier in my dreams tonight, someone from my past appeared who I haven’t thought about in quite a few years.

Back some time ago when I had just begun university, I met this one girl.  I met her on a forum and eventually we began speaking to each other on the phone and on MSN.  She was a real sweet heart.  The only problem was she lived all the way in NYC, which is pretty much on the other side of the continent from where I am.  So naturally over time, as is the case with the majority of long distance relationships, our relationship began to fizzle away.  She began to like someone else and I was left hurt.  And if I remember correctly, she’s actually the last girl that I have had feelings for.  I vowed that I would never fall for another girl unless I was sure that I was going to marry her.

After our relationship eroded, I began to think less and less of her and eventually moved on with my life.  But last night, for some odd reason she appeared in my dreams.  And after I woke up, I couldn’t help but think back to those times where she had the ability to warm me from inside.

She appeared in my dream briefly.  She wore a purple blouse and her hair had one of those semi perms (sorry if that’s the wrong term).  She looked very pretty.  She never said much, only a sentence or two.  I kissed her shoulder and that’s when I woke up.

Even though her apperance was a few seconds, I couldn’t help but feel down when I woke up.  What I am most intriqued about is how she came into my dream in the first place.  Like I mentioned earlier, I don’t have feelings for her anymore, I have never thought about her in years.  But somehow, I was able to see her in my dreams.

Weird phenomena these dreams are.

Valentines Wishes for Special People

February 14, 2009 Leave a comment

So given that its Valentines Day today and seeing as how I don’t have a girlfriend and haven’t had one like ever, I thought I would dedicate this post to a group of my university friends.

I have known this group of people for quite a while but its not until during the whole Gaza conflict that we started to actually talk.  And now, as the semester goes along, I find myself hanging out with this group of people more and more.

I am the type of person that gets blown away from nice people.  If a person is genuinely nice to me, it literally makes my week.  I get so happy thinking about how nice this person was and I always wish them the best.  Since Ive met this group of people that’s exactly how I think and feel every time we get together.

Something as small as a hello wave down the hall between classes, a smile as we pass by, a little message on my facebook wall or something as big as coming to me for advice, asking me for my opinion, inviting me to go out with them, it all literally melts my heart.  Why? Simply because they are so genuinely nice.  Nice in ever essence of the word.

I can probably praise these bunch of people forever.  But the point here is that this group of people are truly very special.  It’s almost as if they are all blessed in their own respect.  And I am truly blessed for having known these people because it is very rare that people come across such a heart warming group of talented and intelligent individuals.

I consider myself very lucky to have met these people and I pray that all the happiness in the world comes to them.  I pray all their dreams and wishes come true and I pray that I am able to partake in their happiness.


Happy Valentines Day guys!

Reading Week

February 12, 2009 1 comment

Its about that time of year.  A week off school to do whatever your heart desires.  Reading Week, also known as Spring Break in the US, is less than a week away!

I don’t really know the history of Reading Week.  Rumour has it that universities were forced to give students some time off because they found that too many of them were committing suicide due to all the stress they were experiencing.  Who knows of this is true or not.  Although if it was, it certainly is very interesting.

What do I have planned for this time off?  Absolutely nothing.

I had made plans to visit a friend in another city.  Unfortunately my mother ended up in the hospital last week (an ordeal that I shall delve into at a later time) and she got home today.  So most likely, I will have to get up early and be at work most of the day so my dad can help take care of her (we run a family business).

So I don’t have any major plans.  I do however intend to catch up on some reading, watching a lot of television and movies.  Oh, and I will also have to study for a midterm that will fall the week after.  Damn you profs for forcing us to write midterms after Reading Week!!!

Typically tradition calls on students to book flights to Cancun where they party hard.  In fact there have been many booths set up around campus where travel agencies advertise their spring break specials.  If any of you are able to do that, I suggest you do it.  As a fellow traveller said to Ashoke on the train in The Namesake, “…pack a pillow and a blanket and see as much of the world as you can. You will not regret it. One day it will be too late.”

For those that will be staying at home like myself, I wish you very tranquil time off.  I hope you make the most of every blessed second of this prescious time off.

Six Words

The Moon Shall Shine Bright Tonight.

Telepopmusik – Just Breath

Here’s a really cool vid I came across.  The dancing is actually really good. Perfect song to have playing in the background while one studies.

Six Words

Just when we thought we knew…