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This is one of the most unique things I have come across lately in my daily surf of the Internet.  Youtube has created a specific directory of all of their college and university partners.  Educational institutions from all across North America and the world have their own channels on youtube where people from anywhere in the world can view whats happening on their campuses. offers a directory of a number of post secondary institutions that post videos.  The nature of these videos range from recent and past commencement speeches to guest speakers and even classroom lectures.  So one could literally sit in on a class on the fundamentals of physics class or a game theory lecture without leaving their home.

This part of youtube is great for those that are wanting to research which college of university is the right one for them.  They have some of the top schools in the world posting videos all the time.  There are even a handful of Canadian universities such as the University of Manitoba and SFU that have partnered up with youtube.

This is perhaps most phenomenal in the sense that it allows one to explore academia from the perspective of a student without having to pay the necessary tuition and money to acquire an academic knowledge.  Now obviously not all classes and subjects are posted.  This is all at the discretion of the institution but its better than nothing.

Have a look and perhaps a lecture on one of the classes you are taking is somewhere up there.

Because I am a political science student, I am going to post a lecture from poli 114 (Political Philosophy) from Yale by professor Stephen Smith.

  1. June 9, 2009 at 9:11 am

    The whole idea of Youtube EDU is awesome. Really awesome.

    .. But, is college really that like? I am listening (not even worth ‘watching’) the Plato lecture. It’s boring. He’s simply reading off a sheet of paper. He’s not teaching. He’s giving a crappy speech. There is hardly any interaction or anything exciting in there.

    .. And, yet, this is what I work my ass off for? The ability to be sit, front row, of that lecture and jot down as many notes as possible? There is no way you can take notes on that. And I totally understand why all my college friends now say, “It’s okay if you fail. It’s not like anyone passes, anyway.”

    • June 9, 2009 at 10:24 pm

      I can totally understand where you are coming from. For me personally, I am into that stuff (Plato, Socrates and the like). I can’t speak for the prof in the clip I provided but I can say that when it comes to material such as that, one has to teach in the manner in which he is. And for me, it’s what he is teaching (or reading) that is so magical. The excitement comes in the content.

      And don’t get me wrong, there are many classes that are just plain boring. Even in some of my “good” classes, I have fallen asleep. It all depends on the teaching style of the prof as well. Moreover, the prof in many cases merely goes over the material that has been provided; they just go over the big stuff in class. The student also has a responsibility to ask questions if they don’t understand something. But like I said, it all depends on the prof’s teaching style. That’s why its important to not only choose your classes wisely but also choose the best possible prof for the given class. And that’s where YT EDU comes in handy. You can preview the style of the prof and make your own decision from there.

      You have to understand that university is what you make it to be. The classroom and lecture experience is just one part of it. There are many other things that make university worth attending.

      But you are correct in your assessment. The system is far from perfect.

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