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Heal The World

Heal The WorldThe one Michael Jackson song that especially stands out for me.

When I was a kid, there was this community event happening in a hall downtown.  I can`t remember why but one of the Aunties wanted a whole bunch of us to sing a song together in front of everyone.  So every weekend for I forget how many weekends, we went to her house and rehearsed this song.  These rehearsals I still remember to this day.  All my friends, ones I still talk to, ones I used to talk to and ones I wonder about all used to come and sing.  We used to have so much fun during these rehearsals that it became something that will forever be embedded in my mind.

We presented and sung the song and everyone loved it.  I can’t remember if we were good or not.  All I remember is it lifted the spirits of everyone who was in the audience and set the tone and mood for the rest of the night.

Just a few weeks ago I remember I was in an HMV during one of my out of town trips and I came across this greatest hits album of Michael Jackson.  I looked at it and for some odd reason, I just had to have it.  For some reason I was drawn to it and knew that I had to buy it.  Later that night, as my friends and I were driving home, we put the CD on and begun to listen.  This urge to buy the CD was so great that I didn’t even check the back to see what songs there were.  And while I was driving, this song, Heal The World, came into my head.  I asked my friend if the album had the song and sure enough it did.

As the song played, all these memories flooded my mind of the rehearsals that one summer and how joyful a time it was.  The song itself is so beautifully written that it warms the heart when one listens to it.  I have never felt happiness to that degree  in such a while as I did that midnight driving home on the highway while that song played.

Heal The World by Michael Jackson will forever have a place in my heart as being that one inspirational song that literally shaped and defined that one summer when I was once a child.  If this song was not written, that particular summer would have just been another one lost in memory.

May Allah grant you Jannat.


More Nostalgia – Electric Circus on MuchMusic

January 7, 2008 2 comments

When I was in elementry and Jr high, I used to look forward to Friday nights.  Friday nights at 9pm in particular.  That was because Electric Circus used to be on Much Music.  Electric Circus was the live dance show dedicated to Club, House, and Trance music.  As far as I can remember, it was Monica Deol, who I had the biggest crush on, hosted the show.  Later on, when she left Juliet Powell hosted the show.  I would say that after Juliet left, the show and Much Music in general began its decline into crappiness.  Electric Circus was a good show in that it gave the mainstream access to music that wasn’t very mainstream.  Plus for those that lived in Toronto, it was a place to find out where all the DJs who came into town were playing.  I remember, during the late 90s, they began to have live chat rooms where you could talk to some of the dancers while you watched the show.  Electric Circus was one of the more unique shows on television at the time.  I think it was new years where they used to go upto Parliment Hill and have the show and dancers in front of the House of Commons.  The Wonderland Parties were always hype as well.  God I miss those days…well here are some clips for you guys to go back into time with. Enjoy!