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Unproductive Days and University Life

Well its been a horrid week this week.  I had an assignment due on Tuesday.  After I handed that in, I decided to take a break for the day.  I was pretty burnt out so I figured it would be good.  What really ended up happening is a whole lot of nothing.  I didn’t go to class on Wednesday and I didn’t go to class on Thursday.  In fact, I didn’t come to school on Thursday. This is despite the fact that I have a midterm this coming Monday.  Now I am stuck in the Library Tower on a Friday night just beginning to study for this exam.  And let me tell you, there is A LOT to study.  The fact that my brother showed up home with a brand new Wii console didn’t help the situation either. 

 Some other thoughts: The more I think about it, the more it seems like I am in fact living the typical life that a university student lives.  Life revolves around school.  It involves being poor to the point where sometimes I have to second guess whether I can afford to buy lunch.  It involves spending long nights in the library (like today) and always being tired.  It involves much intellectual activity, exchanging of ideas and conjuring up great theories that could make the world a better place and then forgetting about them a few days later. 

The biggest thing, however, I think is the the friends.  I’ll focus on one group of my friends in particular for this entry.  This group of friends is centred around one girl.  If it wasn’t for her, I would not know the rest of them.  And anytime we congregate, it is at her place.  Anything and anything creative we want to do, we do together.  If we want to cook, we cook together, if we want to go skating, we skate together…etc.  We are all students going to either University or polytech.  Its just something about this group of people that makes me thankful that I know them.  They are the group that will ultimately dictate my university life.  Its just nice to have people like that around.  Even if we do nothing, we do nothing together.  This may sound corny, but our lives together resemble a lot like the college kids you see on TV.  It may not be as elaborate (going on trips every second week and so on) but I am pretty sure that in my realm, that’s as close as its going to get.  Lately, we have this thing where we all gather at her place on Thursday nights and we all sit on the sofa and watch ER, Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Betty and The Office.  Especially during these stressful times, I live for those Thursday nights.  Student life is a good life.

I don’t know why but there’s an increased security presence in the Library tonight.  I’ve seen more security guards tonight in the Library than I have ever….literally. I wonder whats going on? 

Now, back to studying the diversity of electoral systems.



October 22, 2007 1 comment

I just finished a weekend LSAT prep course.  It was the cheapest Class I could find.  And seeing as how my financial situations isn’t all that great, I had to go with it.  But it wasn’t actually all that bad.  The guy who was teaching it is apparently one of the foremost experts on the LSAT in all of Canada. And it was good in the sense that he didn’t give us any high expectations about raising our LSAT scores by X % or anything like that. He told us straight up that your score depended wholly on you and you alone.  He was there to just teach us the skills. It’s up to us to practise and put in the effort. All in all I think it was a good experience. The hard work starts now.

I must say though, I was quite distracted by a very pretty girl in the class.  She had beautiful almond skin and a body that was like whoa.  The biggest turn on was that she’s taking the LSAT. If fate has mercy on me, I’ll meet her in the law school that I get admitted to. I am crossing my fingers. I think I am going to try and get some sleep now. 2.5 straight days of analytical reasoning and logical analysis isn’t fun at all.