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The new iPod+iTunes commercial.  This is the perfect night time commercial.  What do I mean by `night time commercial?’  A night time commercial is one of those commercials that you can only appreciate at night.  Its one of those commercials that contributes and adds to the mood set by the night. 

Ive been seeing so many times this weekend that I think I am hooked to it.  Whether you love or hate Apple, you have to admit, they have one amazing marketing campaign going.


Back In The Day…

I have come to the realization that I am becoming old.  How?  I have become one of those guys that reminisces about how it was so much better when I was a kid.  And it seems like its so true.  Commercials were so much better, TV shows were so much better, Much Music was so much better, pop music was so much better, rap and hip hope music was so much better….ahhh how I miss those days.  What has sparked this realization? One simple youtube clip of a commercial: