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To All Those Writing The LSAT Tomorrow…

lsat I just want to take this opportunity to wish everyone who is writing the exam tomorrow the best of luck.  I know I have a few friends that will be writing it as well so I hope it goes well for them.

Please take time today and relax.  Don’t do any practise exams.  In fact, get your mind off the exam totally today and just escape.  Go watch a movie, go snowboarding, skating, shopping…ANYTHING to get your mind off the exam.  And when you go home tonight, have a good dinner and go to sleep early.  Oh yea, make sure your pencils are sharpened before you got bed.  That way it’s one less thing you have to worry about when you wake up tomorrow.

I ran into a friend a few days ago who told me that on the day of the LSAT you’ll have so much adrenaline pumping through your body and that’s what will get you through the exam.  I hope you guys are a bit more calm than that.  Personally I’d rather write an exam in a state of somewhat calmness rather than constantly having adrenaline coursing through my veins but to each their own I guess.

I wish I could have joined you guys but circumstances are as such that I probably will not be writing the exam until sometime next year if all goes well.  I kind of feel like a loser for not writing it, left out but at the same time I am glad that I put it off.  I’d rather write it when I am completely ready rather than just having a go at it knowing I could have done better had I been patient and waited.

But anyways, good luck to all of you guys.  To all my friends, I’ll be there in spirit with you guys since I’ll be writing a final exam tomorrow somewhere on campus.  I hope you all do the best and we’ll see you in law school!


Still LSATing

June 27, 2008 1 comment

So as some of you guys know, there was an LSAT exam that I was busy studying for for just about a month or so prior to it (June 16).  That date came and went.  I ended up paying 30 dollars and pushing my exam date up to the first week of October.  I was totally not ready.  Since then, I haven’t touched any practice exams or anything that has to do with the LSAT.  I’ve decided to take a break from it for a while.  I will probably begin studying again some time in July.  If I begin my studying sometime during the first week of July, I would have pretty much exactly three months to prep for it.  So that’s pretty much the plan for the time being. 

Other than that, this coming school year, I will be busy trying to boost my GPA to a level that law schools look at my application, laugh hysterically, pass it around the office so others laugh at it hard, if not harder and then throw it in the garbage.  Ive decided that instead of rushing to finish school, I am going to take my time and make sure I do everything properly.  Ive been getting a few second chances as of late and I really need to take advantage of these little opportunities I am getting.  After all, these days will never come back ever again.  So I might as well make the most of it.

This is going to be a longer and harder road than I had originally planned.  I guess I am still a naive BA student.

Some Good Advice For The LSAT

So last night I was studying for the LSAT and came home feeling bombed and depleted.  One of my biggest weaknesses is the Analytical Reasoning section. It’s the section where you are given a puzzle or a game to solve and you have to use diagrams.  I just can’t do them for whatever reason at this point in time.  So I came home early from studying and just randomly looked on youtube for some people posting advice for the LSAT exam.  I found this one girl who got a 173 or 172 on the exam…which is like amazing.  Just to put that in perspective, the guy who taught my LSAT prep course got no higher than 172.  She posts various videos regarding the LSAT and Law school and out of all the videos I viewed last night, she had the best.  She didn’t address a specific strategy for tackling the puzzles other than to just practice a lot, which makes sense.  So I am going to post two videos up for you and hopefully you will get some benefit out of them. 

Good luck and enjoy!

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:


So I decided to take a break today from the LSAT.  Its my first break in a week, week and a half if I am not wrong.  I’ve seemed to lost count.  And I honestly have no track of what day it is.  One day is litereally the same as before.  I think I burnt myself this week.  The worst part of all of this is that I am going to have to increase the intensity of my studying starting this week.  Thus is my life.

Right now Im going to watch this movie.  There are a bunch of guys on an ice rink that are shooting each other.  Seems interesting.


Well, the period of time I was dreading is fully under way.  For the next month, I will be entrenched with analytical reasoning, logical reasoning, reading comprehension and writing samples.  The LSAT that I will be writing is going to be smack-dab in the middle of June.  So I literally have one month to study and prepare for what might arguably be the biggest exam of my life. 

After my finals were complete, I took about a week off and did absolutely nothing.  My parents were bugging me about finding a job and stuff but I don’t know if I can work and dedicate enough time for preparing for the exam.  I kind of feel bad for not working but I figured, whats another month.  So yea, I relaxed and then about the second week or so, I began to study for it.  It was a slow start at first but eventually I got into it. 

So this is my regime that has naturally worked its way into my life.  I get to school at around 10ish or so at night.  My study buddy and I (who is also taking the exam) study with the odd break here and there all the way until around 4.30am.  I get home at around 5am, more or less, and go to sleep at around 6.30am, ending off my day with BBC News.  The natual question is why am I following an odd schedule?

The simple fact is that I am most alert late at night.  When I was studying for my finals, I would frequently begin studying in the mid afternoon and end at around 1 or two.  I could never keep myself alert until the sun went down.  I don’t know what it is but when I begin to study during the day, I get sleepy and tired.  So I figured its useless to make and effort and fool myself into thinking I can make my days productive.  Instead I make my nights productive, which is proving to be successful. 

I’ll be honest with you guys though, its not a walk in the park.  I am using the word success loosely.  I am learning how to tackle the exam literally step by step.  I am starting to get used to the questions, starting to get used to the structure used and so on.  Its the little nuances that I am picking up on.  I just wish that I would pick up on more nuances more quickly.  But progress is progress. 

So yea, that’s pretty much what my life will look like for the next month.  Hopefully it proves successful.  If I have time, I’ll try and keep you guys updated.  I know some of you will be writing in June as well. 

I Hate This…

November 18, 2007 Leave a comment

This like happens to me every semester. Just when paper time is around the corner, I crash.  As of right now, I have two papers due, one of which was due Friday and the other one which is due on Monday.  I have all the books lying here on my bedroom floor but yet, here I am sitting here, not even making an effort to get myself writing.  And yet, here I am typing away on my blog.  For the last like three to four hours, I have sat here and surfed youtube and watched quite possibly every Freaks and Geeks clip as well as every Undeclared clip on the site.  Every now and then, between my periods of rationality, this thought of my crappy GPA comes to mind and I get this sinking feeling in my stomach and my legs get numb.  And to get rid of this feeling, I try and do something else…like watch another Undeclared episode, just to relieve my stress.  This weekend hasn’t helped at all.  I’ve had LSAT class all day Friday and Saturday and I have it Sunday as well.  That still isn’t an excuse considering I have had all of last week, up until Wednesday off for the long weekend.  I don’t know why I do this.   This happens every Goddamn semester.  I am at this point where I just hate papers now with such a passion.  I don’t want to write papers for which I have to be graded for the littlest things anymore.  Can you believe, I will get docked a third of a letter grade, just because I didn’t footnote write? Like bloody come on.  This isn’t good for my GPA, this isn’t good for grad school or law school either.  I really hate times like this.  Its times like this where I see my entire future collapse in front of me.  Like literally…I can see my entire life end right now.  And you know what the funny thing is? I never ever learn my lesson. I go through this hell every semester.  And I just never learn.  I wish I knew why I do this.  And to be honest, I really don’t know.  The only thing I can attribute this to is the lack of motivation and drive….which is so sad because I could be graduating like a year from now.  Why did life have to be so bloody hard? I can slowly see myself becoming a failure and I have nobody blame but myself.

What a busy week!

It has been a horribley busy week.  Today is the first time that I have actually sat home and did nothing.  A friend of mine was moving from an appartment to a house just down the street.  So we were all busy helping her and her roommate move.  This sounds corny but it was probably one of the funnest things that I have done in a while.  All our cars were filled with boxes, one car had like three things tied up to the roof…it was just a really fun experience.  I forgot how fun moving really is, especially when your doing with your friends and not your parents.  So yea, moving took about two or three days.  And in the process I made a new friend as well.  So that was pretty cool.

Lets see what else….this was all going on in the midst of my studying for the LSAT…which is not going well at all.  I think I’d rather talk about that in another post on another day.  Yesterday, they had a little housewarmig party for everyone who helped move + some of New Guy’s friends.  They were pretty cool and chillax.  So yea, its been fun. 

So I found out my contract for my cell ended a few days ago.  So I am actively in search of a new phone and a new plan.  I was fully prepared to buy a Sony Ericsson with a Fido plan but a friend of mine told me to hold off and talk to all the phone companies and see what I can milk out of them in terms of a plan and contract.  I really suck at negotiating and all that so hopefully I’ll get something good out of all of this.  I’d figure I’d go for a PDA because of all my extra carricular stuff going on. But these things are just so damn expensive.  We’ll see.  Im looking into this HTC Touch phone that just recently came out.  Ive read good reviews about and after reading them, Im really tempted to buy it.  A friend of mine has it so hopefully he’ll have time to come over today and show it to me.  Shopping for this kind of stuff is such a pain.  Partly because I am so indecissive as to what I really want.  None of these phones or plans are ever perfect.  And if they are, they are way too expensive.  Its just so frustrating.  We’ll see. Hopefully I can get the best bang for my buck.