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On This Cloudy Day

The past 48 hours or so have been quite interesting to say the least.  I had two midterms yesterday and of course and inevitably, I fell behind in my readings.  So I began studying some time Wednesday evening, in through thursday until 4am, went home slept for four hours, woke up at 8am, almost slept through my first midterm, got to class at 9.05 am (five minutes late), and began writing my midterm for geog…*takes a deep breath*  ten minutes into the midterm (which is in essay format) I take a few seconds to actually read the instructions and realise I only have to answer two out of the three questions that are given.  I quickly realise I’m writing on the hardest question.  So I scratch that out and start working on the two easier questions.  After that exam was over with, I skipped my next class to review for my midterm which was in two hours.   Studied, went to the class, wrote the midterm, ran out of time and wasn’t able to really complete the last question on the exam but felt good nonetheless.  Thankful that my ordeal was finally over, I went to Friday Prayers, went home and slept from 2-8pm, took two hours to get ready, went to Tim Hortons, grabbed a steep tea, and spent the night at university, getting home at 6am in the morning, having only studied for one out of the seven hours I was there for.   Went to bed at 7, woke up at 11 and now, at 2.45pm, I am planning on getting ready for what I hope to be a more productive night of studying.

Even though I got four hours of sleep, I feel good right now.  I feel happy and positive.  I absolutely love cloudy days and today is one cloudy day.  The plan is to feed off this positive energy that Im feeling by the clouds and use it as motivation to get my assignments and labs done before Monday morning.

Speaking of feeding off positive energy, Im totally feeling the positive vibes by these two:



February 24, 2009 2 comments

…sitting alone in a workroom in the library studying for a midterm tomorrow that I haven’t studied for until tonight.  Why oh why do I always do this to myself?  I will probably end up staying here until 3 at the very least.

It’s only Monday and I have already assured the destruction of the rest of this week.  Tired, groggy, upset sleeping pattern…I can just see myself being totally unproductive for at least 7 days.  Perfect recipe for the doing of nothingness.

Wish me luck!

Slow Start

So this semester has gotten off to a very slow start for me.

I had an hour long presentation last week which I literally pulled together at the last minute.  I didn’t even know the exact date my presentation was on.  It got so bad that I showed up to class one day thinking my presentation was that day.  I was so nervous and so not prepared.  I was actually contemplating telling the prof I was sick or something.  It turns out, my presentation wasn’t til a week later.  Luckily I managed to put together a decent presentation that the prof and the class actually appreciated.

I have a midterm coming up this Friday and I just downloaded all the notes we’ve gone through since the beginning of the semester off of the school site.  I have a week to study for it but as of right now, I have no idea what is going on in the class.  It’s not that I don’t go to class (although I have skipped a significant amount), I just don’t pay attention in that class.  All I do when I come to class is open up my notebook and surf the web; stalking people on facebook or thoroughly reading every article on every news site I can get to in an hour.  And as of right now, I have been sitting in the library attempting to study for the past three hours and I have gotten nothing done.

In my other class, I know I have a midterm coming up but I don’t know exactly when.  The prof has provided no dates on the course outline which is utterly frustrating.  On top of that, I have to submit a presentation proposal soon and I don’t even know what I will present on.  It would help if I went to that class, but I have literally attended that class twice since the semester as begun.

I really need to start getting my act together.  I was doing so well last semester; not only having fun but also keeping on top of all my work.  This time, it hasn’t played out that way.  Ive been having way too much fun and haven’t been paying any attention to my school work.

I had this little mantra last semester that if I get a little bit done each day or every few days, I won’t be stressing at deadlines.  I stuck to that and it actually worked.  It kept me from procrastinating (for the most part) and kept me on top of everything I have had to do.  I think I need to constantly remind myself of that. If I don’t, the semester will be over before I know it and I’ll be stuck in a position come exam time where I don’t want to be.  And it seems like this semester is going to fly by.  I looked at the calender today and its already Feb!.

Plus, I need to get over this Gossip Girl addiction that I’ve recently aquired…

One Crazy Month

So this past September has been one crazy time.  I got a speeding ticket my first week of school.  Then a week later, my car broke down during rush hour.  Then I had no car for like a week and so I missed like a week of school because the area I live in doesn’t have transit yet.  THEN we had to rent a car for a week.  And during that time my dad and I went to countless dealerships to test drive new cars.  And then I got ANOTHER traffic ticket (apparently I didn’t stop at a stop sign while I was in a parking lot).  Not only that, I had to spend a night in the hospital (the details of which I will not indulge in).  A few days after that we ended up buying a brand new car.  AND NOW I sit here in my bed sick with the flu.  My nose runs like a faucet and currenly am running a fever. 

So yea, its been pretty hectic.  I am hoping I can get off of this cold as soon as possible.  I got midterms coming up as well as a project that I have to start working on real soon.  I think I am going to muster up some energy, drink some chai, take a shower and head over to school and plan out the next week or so.  I am can still get away with studying in segments and still be ready in time for my exams.  I just hope my eye sockets stop hurting by the time I leave for uni. 

Signs that winter is soon on its way: Current temperature 6 degrees Celsius.  Overnight low expected to be -3 degrees Celsius.

The First Few Days of Fall

September 24, 2008 Leave a comment

Well its that time of year again.  The leaves are beginning to change colour and fall off their branches.  The temperature is starting to crawl down to the single digits and the sky is frequently overcast with clouds.  Its autumn.  And this is perhaps one of the most ambiguous periods in the fall semester. 

Its ambigious for one reason really…midterms.  Midterms usually begin sometime between the first week of October to the third week in October in some cases.  Theoretically as students, we should always be studying for our classes and reading our textbooks…theoretically.  In reality however, its much more complicated than that.  Its one of those times were it still kind of feels like that school has just begun (even though its the third week of classes already).  So its kind of early to study for midterms.  And if you have a paper that is due, its normally not due until late November or early December.  So what is a student to do?

My suggestion is to hang out with friends.  Right now is prime time to conduct as much socializing as possible.  Why?  Because every ones schedule is so light.  People can afford to waste time and procrastinate, even miss a class here and there.  As long as you keep up with your readings and stuff (which in reality is not all that hard) socialize away! Do it now because once midterms hit, everyone is going to be a stranger and nobody is going to have time to hang out and chill…unless they have a sever case of procrastination.  If that is the case well then…I have no advice for you.

So waste as much time as you can now because you can comfortably afford to do so.  Go out with friends, stay out late and be merry because as soon as midterms hit, surely you are going to regret not getting it out of your system.

The Night Of A Thousand Hours

October 28, 2007 1 comment

In 25 hours I will be in class writing a midterm for my Politics of Advanced Industrial States class. I have so much to do its not even funny. As of right now, I have something like 15 academic journal articles to read by the end of tonight.  This is going to be hell.  I was supposed to get on campus at like 1o but I slept in and woke up at 9.  THEN I got stuck in traffic for like an hour.  I’ll probably be here til 11pm.  Its going to be one long day.  I just have remind myself that is just one more day where I have to toil over my books.  After that all I have to worry about is my LSAT prep and the essays that I have to begin working on.  That won’t be so bad because I can spread those out and pace myself.  So yea….ONE MORE DAY!!!

Time to kick the books.

Unproductive Days and University Life

Well its been a horrid week this week.  I had an assignment due on Tuesday.  After I handed that in, I decided to take a break for the day.  I was pretty burnt out so I figured it would be good.  What really ended up happening is a whole lot of nothing.  I didn’t go to class on Wednesday and I didn’t go to class on Thursday.  In fact, I didn’t come to school on Thursday. This is despite the fact that I have a midterm this coming Monday.  Now I am stuck in the Library Tower on a Friday night just beginning to study for this exam.  And let me tell you, there is A LOT to study.  The fact that my brother showed up home with a brand new Wii console didn’t help the situation either. 

 Some other thoughts: The more I think about it, the more it seems like I am in fact living the typical life that a university student lives.  Life revolves around school.  It involves being poor to the point where sometimes I have to second guess whether I can afford to buy lunch.  It involves spending long nights in the library (like today) and always being tired.  It involves much intellectual activity, exchanging of ideas and conjuring up great theories that could make the world a better place and then forgetting about them a few days later. 

The biggest thing, however, I think is the the friends.  I’ll focus on one group of my friends in particular for this entry.  This group of friends is centred around one girl.  If it wasn’t for her, I would not know the rest of them.  And anytime we congregate, it is at her place.  Anything and anything creative we want to do, we do together.  If we want to cook, we cook together, if we want to go skating, we skate together…etc.  We are all students going to either University or polytech.  Its just something about this group of people that makes me thankful that I know them.  They are the group that will ultimately dictate my university life.  Its just nice to have people like that around.  Even if we do nothing, we do nothing together.  This may sound corny, but our lives together resemble a lot like the college kids you see on TV.  It may not be as elaborate (going on trips every second week and so on) but I am pretty sure that in my realm, that’s as close as its going to get.  Lately, we have this thing where we all gather at her place on Thursday nights and we all sit on the sofa and watch ER, Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Betty and The Office.  Especially during these stressful times, I live for those Thursday nights.  Student life is a good life.

I don’t know why but there’s an increased security presence in the Library tonight.  I’ve seen more security guards tonight in the Library than I have ever….literally. I wonder whats going on? 

Now, back to studying the diversity of electoral systems.