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I Am Back and I Moved!

September 6, 2008 4 comments

Greetings Strangers.

You may or may not have noticed that I have taken a break from blogging for the summer.  There are a few reasons for this.  The main reason is that I ended up moving from one house to another.  We built a house and after some delay we finally got possession about a month ago.  Before that we were busy doing renos for our old residence as we decided to put it up for rent and use it as a revenue property.  Getting that house ready for tenants was a lot of work I must say.  But yea…domestic duties have been keeping me occupied this summer and away from my precious blog.  School begins on Monday so I figured now is a perfect time to begin writing my blog once again.

This entry would not be complete without talking about the big move.  My family and I have been searching for a house for the last few years.  The only problem is that we began our search during the real estate boom in the city.  If we had bought a house early in the boom, we literally could have made something along the lines of anywhere between 100-200 thousand dollars.  But the only problem was every show home that we would visit would not have any lots to sell because they would be all out.  Then in the coming years, the prices of new houses got so expensive that we weren’t able to afford the house that we wanted.  The boom began to subside around last year.  And literally, this time last year my dad and I were driving around and decided to check out some show homes.  We went to this one builder and it turns out they were having a promotion on a house that was suited just right for our family.  We booked the house right there and then.  The odd thing was they didn’t have a show home for the house.  So literally all we had to go by was a rough outline that the builder had provided for us and some blue prints that they managed to give us.  You won’t believe this, the builders themselves didn’t know what the front of the house would look like as they hadn’t even designed it yet.  But by the grace of God, the house was built and it has turned out beautiful.

We have been busy for the last week or two trying to buy some furniture for the new place.  Mainly we were looking for sofas which we found.  We need some coffee tables and I am always on the lookout for decorating accessories.  I am starting to develop a good taste for interior design.  I actually picked out the entire colour scheme of the interior and exterior of the house when it was being built.  I am trying to go for that warm cozy feeling inside the house.  This involves a colour scheme with a lot of browns, light browns and earth tones in general.  I chose this scheme because for the most part, its always winter in the city.  Those browns and earth tones actually make me feel relaxed and cozy in the winter time.  Plus, they will surely fend off depression for my parents if it ever happens.  My whole philosophy behind it was that during the winter, one wants to feel good when they enter the house.  Hopefully, I will be able to achieve that look in a few months (decorating isn’t cheap!).

The area of the city we moved into is actually considered a higher end area.  Even though our house isn’t all that big (1800sq ft.) its a very sought after community.  The house itself has three bedrooms on top with a huge master ensuite complete with a shower and tub, a bonus room as well as another washroom for the top floor.  The main floor consists of a huge foyer, a living room/dining room and a family room.  We have a double garage as well.  Also, our basement is a walk out basement which is really cool.  The community itself has about a 120 acres of environmental reserve and so there are plenty of pathways to ride your bike and walk. 

Overall, I am really happy with the house.  To be perfectly honest, this is the first “nice” house that we have ever lived in so its kind of cool like that.  I feel like this new house is part of a new chapter in my life.  And with the new semester literally 36 hours away, I feel that this academic year is going to be filled with new and positive changes. 

*fingers crossed*


What a busy week!

It has been a horribley busy week.  Today is the first time that I have actually sat home and did nothing.  A friend of mine was moving from an appartment to a house just down the street.  So we were all busy helping her and her roommate move.  This sounds corny but it was probably one of the funnest things that I have done in a while.  All our cars were filled with boxes, one car had like three things tied up to the roof…it was just a really fun experience.  I forgot how fun moving really is, especially when your doing with your friends and not your parents.  So yea, moving took about two or three days.  And in the process I made a new friend as well.  So that was pretty cool.

Lets see what else….this was all going on in the midst of my studying for the LSAT…which is not going well at all.  I think I’d rather talk about that in another post on another day.  Yesterday, they had a little housewarmig party for everyone who helped move + some of New Guy’s friends.  They were pretty cool and chillax.  So yea, its been fun. 

So I found out my contract for my cell ended a few days ago.  So I am actively in search of a new phone and a new plan.  I was fully prepared to buy a Sony Ericsson with a Fido plan but a friend of mine told me to hold off and talk to all the phone companies and see what I can milk out of them in terms of a plan and contract.  I really suck at negotiating and all that so hopefully I’ll get something good out of all of this.  I’d figure I’d go for a PDA because of all my extra carricular stuff going on. But these things are just so damn expensive.  We’ll see.  Im looking into this HTC Touch phone that just recently came out.  Ive read good reviews about and after reading them, Im really tempted to buy it.  A friend of mine has it so hopefully he’ll have time to come over today and show it to me.  Shopping for this kind of stuff is such a pain.  Partly because I am so indecissive as to what I really want.  None of these phones or plans are ever perfect.  And if they are, they are way too expensive.  Its just so frustrating.  We’ll see. Hopefully I can get the best bang for my buck.