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After Semester, Red Eyes and No Sleep

December 24, 2008 Leave a comment

photoWell the fall semester has come to an end for quite some time now.  I actually ended my semester at precisely 9:01am on the 17th of December to be precise.  That is when I managed to hand in my take home exam (7 hours before it was due) and finally get some sleep.

This semester was probably one of the most fun semesters I have had since first year.  I got involved in a lot of stuff that was happening on campus.  I made a ton of new friends and even got a bit closer to some of my older friends.  My classes weren’t all that bad either.  I also managed to get to know all my profs a bit better as well.  Considering I’ll be needing reference letters soon from them, I am glad I got to know them but regret not getting to know some of my previous professors.

But I also worked really hard this semester as well.  This was probably one of the most intensive semesters I have had in quite a while.  The library became my second home, literally.  Especially during the last month, month and a half of school, I was at University til 2 or 3 in the morning everyday.  My days turned into my nights and my nights turned into my days.  My entire sleeping schedule turned upside down and I still haven’t been able to recover from it.  During exam time, I was getting home at 4, 5, even 6 in the morning.  It was brutal.

I dedicated a lot of time to my finals.  But its my take home final that  will not soon forget.  This final was due on the 17th of December at 4.30pm, the last day of exams.  I got up at around 3 or 4pm the day before as I had a final then.  I took my time getting ready and finally headed out at 6.  I picked up a friend and we managed to get to the U at around 7.30 in the evening.  After finding what is arguably one of the most perfect study rooms in the entire university, I began my final at around 9ish at night.  So essentially I had 20 questions that I had to write on with no set page limit or restrictions of any kind.  So I began writing.  I discovered that I was averaging about half a page per question and each question was taking me roughly anywhere between 15 minutes to a half hour to complete.  Sometimes I would go all out and end up writing an entire page (single spaced) for some questions.  When I was writing I noticed time flying by like it was nothing.  It was actually quite amazing to look at the clock, look down at my work and when I looked up again, an hour had gone by; one wouldn’t even feel it.  When it was around 3am or so, the two people I was studying with decided to take a nap since they had their exam bright and early at 8am.  I never slept.  I wrote and wrote and wrote until I was finally done at around 8.15am or so.

After editing and all that, I ended up writing about 16 single spaced pages in 12 font.  When I double spaced it, it turned out to be 32 or so pages.  I couldn’t believe I managed to write that much.  It was amazing.  When I went to go hand it in, my prof was there accepting an exam from another student.  I was the second one to hand it in and apparently the girl before me had written about the same.  After I handed it in, I couldn’t believe that I had written that much.  I surprised myself.  I was going to go home but then I ended up staying and chatting with some friends for a few hours.  By the time I went home, my eyes were barely open.  I was talking like I was high or something.

I am sure I got my marks back by now but I am not going to check them until after Christmas.  I am confident that I did well on them so I don’t really have all that much to worry about.  And also, I just don’t want to think about school at this point in time.  I need a good mental break right now.  I feel like I am intellectually burnt out right now.  All I want to do is mindless stuff that doesn’t really require any hardcore cognitive activity.  Plus, I need to get back into a regular, normal sleeping pattern which is proving to be quite difficult.

All in all, it has been a good semester.  I will remember this semester for a very long time, I am quite sure of that.  I desperately hope that next semester, which will FINALLY be my last semester will be even more fun.  *Fingers crossed*


Don’t Bug Me, I’m Cranky

September 23, 2008 Leave a comment

I am totally cranky at the moment right now.  Last night I got home really late.  After finishing an assignment I had found out about a few hours before, I ended up going to Tim Horton’s with a few friends of mine.  I got home at around 1.00am and didn’t get to bed til around 2.  I was then awaken at 5.30 for Sehri (those that are fasting in the month of Ramadan know what that is).  I then fell asleep again an hour later.  But this time it was more of a restless sleep.  I finally forced my tired old self up at around 11ish today and barely got to my 12.30 class.  I got there at 12.37 to be exact and ended up sitting next to this really annoying guy who kept exhaling really loud, making funny noises and talking to himself.  I figured after class I would go to the library and take a small nap like I normally do to rejuvenate myself.  The only problem is that just at the moment where I was about to fall asleep, I hear this loud horn go off…HONK.  Its some stupid construction worker right outside the library honking his loud truck horn every like 10 minutes.  On top of that, these ditsy first years came and sat down across the cubicle from mine and wouldn’t stop whispering to each other or digging through their purses and exchanging lip gloss. 

I have class in a bit.  I am hungry because I am fasting.  I am sleepy but cannot sleep.  On top of that I have a whole pile of studying to do and so little time to do it in.  My last class ends at 8 and it might possibly go beyond that.  I am scheduled to eat at sunset which is approx. at 7.35 if I am not wrong.  Everything in the food court ends up closing at 8.  And by the time I am out of class, I am sure the MSA will be out of food that they give out to all that fast.  This is going to be a long day… 

Just keep reminding myself…patience is a virtue.


November 22, 2007 Leave a comment

I really Miss sleep. Like seriously. I miss sleep.  I want sleep. I need sleep.  I slept last night for a bit and had one of the most pleasant dreams I have ever had in a while.  Like I actually woke up happy for once.  What made it even more pleasant was that there was a certain someone that I was with in the dream.  But yea…I so wish I could sleep right now. Times like this where I wish I didn’t have this stress lingering over my head.