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Vulgarity on Youtube

December 28, 2008 1 comment

I just want to comment on this because it really bugs me.  I am not referring to the content on youtube.  Rather, I am referring to the obscene comments that people leave on youtube, especially on videos that women post.

The comments that I am specifically referring to are sexual in nature.  I am quite sure you know what I am talking about.  Comments referring to the woman’s breasts, or other parts of their body; comments about the poster want to have sex with the woman in the video…that sort of stuff.

It seems as though that this culture we live in has stripped the innocence out of almost every facet of society.  I have come across videos of 13, 14 year old girls talking about how they love Hanna Montana or something and some sick pervert will leave a vulgar comment on that poor girl’s page.  What is wrong with these people?  Has our society and culture become so sexualised that people feel that they can express deviant sexuality freely in front of everyone without worrying about consequences?  I honestly think that innocence is becoming such a rare characteristic that people may actually forget that such a thing actually existed at one point in time.  And the victims are none other than women.

This post was sparked by my outrage after I came across a clip on youtbe that was “featured” on the site.  Its of this young woman talking about being greatful which featured her mother in the clip as well.  I scrolled down to look at the comments and every now and then there would be some sick douche talking about how beautiful the girl’s breasts were and what a “MILF” the young girl’s mother is.  I mean come on, have some respect here.  What do people gain out of making such comments?  They literally don’t get anything out of it.  In fact they are doing themselves a detriment by fueling such thoughts inside their heads.

To have thoughts of a sexual nature are normal.  Everyone has them.  But for one to convert those thoughts into vulgarity and then to express that vulgarity in the open is something we as people (especially on the Internet) need to be aware of at the very least, but also try and prevent in a open public realm such as youtube.

The clip I was refering to above:


The Future of Tennis – Tamira Paszek

January 17, 2008 3 comments

Tamira Paszek

Tamira Paszek is a 17 year old who was seeded 39th as of the 2008 Australian Open.  That’s where I first saw her as a matter of fact, a few days ago at the Aus Open.  She was playing the number 3 seed in the grand slam, Jelena Jankovic.  Although Paszek lost the match, she played an incredible match. The final score ended up being 2-6, 6-2, 12-10.  She almost won the match in the 3rd set when she was up 5-4.  The match lasted for a total of about 3 and ten minutes.

As I said before, she is a 17 year old who represents Austria.  Her mother, Francoise Paszek can be attributed to exposing her to tennis at the age of four years old.  I was pretty surprised to learn of the Canadian connection she has.  Her father is a gentleman by the name of Arif Mohammad who was born in Tanzania, raised in Kenya and lived in Canada.

What amazes me about Paszek is the amount of talent she possessed at such a young age.  In 2005, she became the finalist at the Girl’s Single Championship at Wimbledon and in 2006, became the finalist at the Girl’s Single Championship at the US Open.  Also, in 2005, she was a wild card for her first WTA match where she was eliminated in the second round.  In 2006, she won her first WTA title at the Banka Coper Slovenia Open.  2007 was a big year for Paszek.  She broke the top 100 in the WTA and reached the fourth round of Wimbledon beating Tatiana Golovin, seeded 17th and Elena Dementieva, seeded 12th.  That win alone pushed her up from 54th seed to 35th seed.    Later on, in the 2007 US Open, she managed to make it to the fourth round, losing to Anna Chakvetadze who was seeded 6th.  Then this year, at the ASV Classic in New Zealand, she made it to the semifinals, losing to Lindsay Davenport.  As of the 2008 Australian open, she has collected a total career earnings of US $355,274.  Not bad for a 17 year old.  

Tamira Paszek Whats funny about Tamira is that she reminds me of a young Martina Hingis.  I noticed during the Jankovic match that she played mainly from the baseline.  She really didn’t come up to the net all that often.  Hingis, in her earlier days was like that too.  Eventually, as she gained more experience in the WTA, she became more comfortable with her play and had no problem coming up to the net.  I suspect that Paszek is the same way.  If I recall correctly, in the Jankovic match, Paszek had something like three match points where she could have wrapped it up but failed too.  This isn’t a big deal being that she is 17.  I am sure with time and a little bit of more experience, she’ll be able to handle those match point situations way better.  She certainly has the talent, she just needs more time to develop on her game.  Jankovic won the match because of her experience. 

Tamira’s match with Jankovic was good for her for one main reason: Exposure.  More people than ever know about her and will be more receptive to her talents.  She certainly caught my attention.  Afterall, she played for 3 hours with a woman who is seeded 3rd in the world.  I can’t wait to follow her career over the next few years.  I am very confident that we will be hearing more of her in the near future.  I haven’t been this excited for a tennis player in a really long time. 

Go Paszek!

Click on the link below to view some pictures of Tamira Paszek in action. Read more…