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Six Words

The Moon Shall Shine Bright Tonight.


Six Words

Just when we thought we knew…

Six Word Story

Out of shear luck, I came across a unique page  on the McGill University website.  Its called One Life Six Words.

The jist of it is this:  Hemingway once wrote, “For sale. Baby shoes.  Never worn.”  He claimed that it was a six word story.  How it is widely accepted as a literary form.  McGill has taken this literary form and has allowed its students and faculty as well as anyone else to write a six word story and submit it for all to see.

So for example, someone wrote, “Everything my father said was true.”  Someone else wrote, “When bombs fell, I found myself.”

To me, this is such an amazing concept.  I discovered this a few nights ago and I wished I had found out about this long before.  I just find it amazing that one is able to tell a tale in only six words.  Some of the stories on the site are so profound, its amazing how a few words can have such great impact.

I thought about it, and I think I am going to employ this literary form on my blog from time to time.  Lets see how far I can take this.

Here is the link to the McGill website I was talking about.

Reading For Fun

December 28, 2008 4 comments

reading for funNow that school is over for the semester, I feel completely useless with no purpose in life.  I never thought I’d feel like this but I do.  All I do is either sit home and watch tv, surf the net aimlessly trying to find the next thing that will distract me from my normal mundane routine or go to work.  That is literally what my life activities consist of right now.

I had planned on doing some recreational reading.  A friend of mine suggested I read Wizard’s First Rule by Terry Goldkind.  He thinks that I’ll like it, even though Im not into wizard books at all.  I also wanted to read the new Tariq Ali book called The Duel, Nasr’s The Garden of Truth, Farid Attar’s poem, The Conference of the Birds and a few others.  On top of that I wanted to re-read a few philosophers like  Rousseau, Hobbes, Locke and Mill.  But quite frankly, my degree has taken that desire for recreational reading out of me.

I actually used to love reading back in the day.  I was a fast reader and my comprehension was through the roof.  I always read at above grade level which actually drove me to read a lot.  But because of certain health issues of which I will not get into, my reading started to suffer.  I could not read as fast or as well and my comprehension went down the drain.  And because of my health condition, I had to essentially train myself how to read at a comfortable level.

By the time I got to university, all I did was read.  Read this paper, read that book, read such and such’s article; its all reading.  And the fact is, despite all the reading that I do, my reading really hasn’t improved all that much, despite the fact that all I do is read.  But now what has happened to me is that I have now associated reading a book with work.  I find it to be a chore to read a book whereas before, this was not the case.

This wizard book my friend wants me to read has been sitting beside my bed on the table for a good month now.  And I have yet to pick it up because I can’t drive myself to pick it up because it feels like work.  The other books that I have mentioned above are also sitting on the table next to me, literally collecting dust.

I really wish I could get rid of this association that I have developed inside of my head.  I want to read these books so as to further expand my mind.  Because I know that if I can get back into reading, I can develop new ideas and redevelop my old ones.  I just need that spark inside of me to trigger it.

I think I might try it tonight.  After all, there is no better time than now.  I am pretty sure that I am procrastinating when it comes to this.  I’ve pretty much learned that procrastinating on stupid issues like this doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to overcome.  All one needs to do is begin the task and be consistent in performing it.  Now, lets see if I can overcome the hurdle of picking up a book and beginning to read it.