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November 24, 2008 2 comments

The week hasn’t even started yet and already today has been a write off. I got an essay due on Thursday and I was planning on starting it tonight but that didn’t really happen.  I’ll tell you why.  

First off, I can’t sleep these days and so I went to bed last night at around 12ish or so but didn’t fall asleep until around 5ish.  I ended up watching a movie on TV and it was only then that finally sleep came to me.  And then, I got up at 1 in the afternoon.  I could have slept more but my mom woke me up.  Mondays are bad for me because I only have one late afternoon class.  I should be going to this class, especially now given that the semester is almost over.  But not today.  I miss the one and only class I have.  So then I get onto campus at around 5ish in the evening, fully intending to work on my essay; gathering sources, reading them over and coming up with a rough outline of what will write, etc.  After briefly socialising with some friends, I went to the top floor of the library and sat in a cubicle.  I started off slowly but eventually began collecting sources, books and journal articles.  Since then, It has gone downhill from there.  

I’ve been on facebook for the last like three hours.  I’ve been listening to the same song for that long as well.  I’ve been talking on the phone, chatting on MSN and looking up useless stuff on the net.  And now the library tower is about to close in 45 minutes and I am too tired (even though I literally did nothing today) to begin studying.  

The worst part is, there is a free concert on campus tomorrow that I fully intend to attend that interfers with my prime studying time.  So tomorrow is another potential write off day.  So that leaves me only Wednesday to really begin this paper, write it and finish it if I plan on handing it on time on Thursday.  

I have two options here.  One, I can work really hard and get as much done as possible by Thursday, regardless of what time of day it is or Two, I can ask the prof for an extension.  

Hmmm….what to do; what to do?


Fun Semester

November 20, 2008 Leave a comment

This has probably been one of the most fun semesters I have had since first year.  Not only am I doing well in my classes, I am managing to get my work done and I have a fully engaged social life.  My extracurricular activities are going well.  Ive met some new people and I am starting to try new things as well.  This is despite all the problems that I am still dealing with at the moment. 

I feel this sense of ease.  I am not stressed out or anything either.  Its not that bad kind of eerie lack of stress either…like I know I should be stressed but Im not.  Its actually the good kind. 

This is going to end up being one of those semesters that I will remember for a very long time.  I can just picture myself ten, twenty years from now sitting in a chair, sipping on some chai looking back at this time and just smiling.  Rarely are many people able to do that.

I hope this continues into next semester.

This Is My…

November 10, 2008 1 comment

I just came across this amazing advert for the University of Calgary.  I guess it was video that was made and aired for the Induction Ceremony for new students this semester.  Whoever made this seems like they put in a lot of effort into it.  The actual camera used, the angles, the camera work, the lighting, and production value are top notch.  Plus, I am just fascinated with this whole “My U of C” concept that the university has.  And for this ad to personalize My U of C and the various facets of the University the way that they have is really tremendous.  The cherry on top is Frou Frou which totally sets the mood. 

I think every university should have something like this.  It’s one of those things that I would love to see first thing in the morning while glancing up at a tv screen in a hallway on my way to class.  Sometimes, its these “feel good” things that could change the course of your day.  A good moral booster I think.   

Good on the people involved in this project. Excellent job guys.

Sweet November

I think I vastly underestimated how my November school schedule would be like.  I thought that after next week I would be scott free of any pending assignments until December.  But I was wrong and it turns out that I have 2 essays due at the end of the month.  Part of this blunder isn’t really my fault.  My profs never wrote any definitive due dates for our assignments and that kind of threw me off.  I wish profs did have at least an idea of when assignments are due.  That way a student can plan their entire month out and if they need to push back dates, inform the students properly so that they can adjust their schedules.  But, thats the way it is I guess.   

Ive been spending a great deal of time at the University, often coming home at one in the morning.  I think I am going to continue doing that for the rest of the semester.  My undergrad days are slowly but surely coming to an end and I feel like I can take the most in by physically being there and taking in the sights and sounds of campus before graduating. 

I have begun to think about my short term future as well.  Specifically, I am considering taking an extra semester in the fall so as to straighten my GPA.  That would totally offshoot the plan I had thought about in my head with respect to the LSAT but I think the extra effort will be worth it.  I am not one of those people that would like to finish my degree just for the hell of it.  I want to have options when I graduate and as of right now, the best option may be for me to stay an extra semester and have readily access to those options; those options of course being Law School and Grad School (more leaning towards grad school).  Somebody once told me that at the end of the day, it’s really not that big of a deal when you graduate or how long it took you to get your degree.  As long as you have everything in order by the time you graduate, you should be fine. 

The past month has been very busy with respect to extra curricular activities as well.  In fact, its been one of the most busiest periods of time that I can think off.  It’s been good because it has helped me keep a balance with my academic life. 

All in all it’s not bad these days.